Custom Accessories & Apparel

Custom Accessories & Apparel

PolkTheArtist not only wants to make your home/business space stand out, but also your accessories and clothing items! ANYTHING you can imagine, CAN be done...whether its your child's favorite cartoon character on their bookbag or lunchbox, or even your hometown's skyline on a hat! Bring your fashion to the forefront.

Each price listed below does not include shipping. Half of the total cost is required as a deposit, before any work is completed. Please message PolkTheArtist in the "Contact Us" section, if you're interested in getting anything customized.

Custom Hats:

Snapback Hats $65
Fitted Caps $55

Military Caps $55

Custom Timberland Boots:

Customer provides the shoes: Starts at $100
We provide the shoes: Starts at $120 plus price of shoes ordered

Custom Purses:

Customer provides the purse: Starts at $150
We provide the purse: Starts at $175 plus price of the purse

Custom Jackets:

Customer provides the jacket: Starts at $175
We provide the jacket: Starts at $200 plus price of the jacket

Email PolkTheArtist ( if you have any other items you wished to be customized.