About PolkTheArtist

Welcome to mind of PolkTheArtist! First off, I appreciate you for taking the time to view my art work, clothing and other creations.

A little about Polk...

Joshua Polk

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Joshua Polk is a native of Atlanta, GA. He is a professional artist making a strong leap onto the art world. His early work revolved around painting portraits as he was intrigued with connecting with his fan base. Interactions involved drawing in the park, sketching in Starbucks or even singing a melody. As his knowledge began to expand beyond his comfort zone, Polk began to test new mediums and ideas.

The artwork often produced is a strong blend of figures and emotion. The strong emotions are captured in the most intense of movements, matched with the most dynamic of colors, creating endless stories.

Other work explores the modern world, the struggle of politics and life. Not only does every art piece have a story but every piece also has a motive.

Through the course of Joshua’s exploration the meaning has evolved; still every piece captures the inherent internal beauty of art but still presents a strong message to viewers.

Exhibitions & Major Accomplishments

Dee Heath & PolkTheArtistAccomplishments:
Commissions Show 18'
Art Wars ATL 17'

TrapXArt ATL 17'
Heroes at Home Community Center Fundraiser 17'
Solo Exhibition Presbyterian College 14'

Presbyterian College Graduate 14'
Art Major (BA)
Art History Minor
Former Football Player
Former Member in Multicultural Student Union(M.S.U)

Other Activities:
Music Producer
Graphic Designer
Video Editor