Jidenna – The Chief (review)

Hip Hop Music Review

Had a chance to listen to this album. I will have to say, this production for this album is genius and ridiculous to be honest. For me to be the bass head that I am, this was the right amount of bass and control because the quality of sound was phenomenal. The diversity in every sound, you can tell there was just a team of producers for this project. Help me, my my my this man Jidenna has a way of switching styles and flow. As I go through each carefully crafted track it’s like watching the most beautiful musical opera. You have villains, you have heroes, you have fillers and this is probably the most complete hip-hop album I’ve heard next to Big Sean’s “I Decided”. His lyrical delivery is unique and relevant at the same time. Please be aware and cautious of future projects from this man because this is a borderline classic right now. A few more listens to this project and it might solidify itself as a classic in my playlist and be on repeat throughout the week. This album is like taking all of your favorite artists and their songs and bundling it into a foreign peace-code and shining a light. I like how he can make a dance track and turn right back around and drop an up north hip hop classic with the Kendrick Lamar type feel with the background vocals. This is by far one of my favorite Hip-Hop projects in 2017.

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