Ella Mai: Ready - EP Review

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Ella Mai has been making headlines with her hit single Boo’d up. It’s early to call it, but I’m not hesitant to say that this song is an instant classic. Her charismatic melodies and harmonies are what make this single such a hit. The melody is so catchy yet, mesmerizing to the ears. Just the way the song enters in the beginning is so smooth. The 90’s piano with the Drake bass lines can spar with the best of instrumentals and are so memorable. The slight synths give you such a vibe  when they fall in the background of the old Isaac Hayes tracks.

Her EP is titled Ready and man was she ready to deliver when she put out this project. Her song Anymore gives you such a vibe as the new school feels are so present and we are here for it. Breakfast in Bed is nothing short of amazing with DJ Mustard showing his dominance in versatility. Separating his west coast vibes from R&B has been a challenge for DJ Mustard in the past but this track seems to be the perfect combination of both. Ella Mai’s vocals seem to perfectly compliment the many sounds in this track.

I might make the assumption that if Ella Mai keeps her A&R team intact, she will have a lavish career in the music industry. She brings a new feel to music that nobody has truly done before with R&B and the West Coast bounce. We haven’t seen this type of energy in an extremely long time. I would love to see more versatility throughout her career whether it’s crossing genres or even expanding her producer utilization. I believe her career would solely depend on her ability to create diverse music.

I have to rate this EP a solid 9.3 out of 10. Definitely refreshing to hear this beautiful sound but can definitely utilize much more instrumentation and expand her music boundaries.

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