Drake: More Life - Album Review

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I can't decide if I like this playlist or not to say I love this project due to the fact that Drake has a notorious past of mimicking styles, flows and songs of other artists in both past and present . Drake has been sitting on the success of views for awhile. He comes and delivers a change up in style that goes along the lines of "Controlla" and "Fake Love" featuring the memorable vocal harmonies of drake. While he doesn't lack production quality from hit producers like 40 and Boi-1da, he brought back producers from his debut album "Comeback Season". It's obvious there are a range of styles with smooth Harmonica melodies and jazzy piano runs but there is something missing to me personally. While he has taken more of the Caribbean dance "two-step" melody, it's not a complete fail, it's just off if you actually listen to dance hall and Reggae. He's kind of bridging the game but it's just missing something extra.

I will say, Drake once again has allowed an interlude be one of the better tracks of his album. It's seems to be maybe one of the most complete tracks on this playlist. However, one you get later into the playlist you listen to "4422" with the smooth harmonies of Sampha and his killer vocals and he DELIVERS! Possibly one of the BEST tracks on the album and I wish it was 6 minutes long and not 3 minutes. As you get later into the playlist, you can get into the Drake vibe as his swimming 808s begin to come through as his features kick in. Surprisingly, Young Thug comes and brings a feature without overpowering the song with his squealing misunderstood lyrics (if we choose to call them that). Kanye, 2 Chainz, Sampha, PARTYNEXTDOOR and others come correct in this project. It is obvious that PARTYNEXTDOOR is a musical genius behind Drakes fame because his song feature could literally be taken on ANY track and dominate the game.

If I were to grade this project it would get a 7.9 out of 10. It's not something I am crazy about, but it is definitely plenty of songs I could see getting played at any point during the day. Have a listen.

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