Big Sean: I Decided - Album Review

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I had a thorough listen to Big Sean's new album "I Decided". I must say this album, in this day and age, is a classic. He delivers diversity, lyricism and production that comes carrying trends of all generations. It's seems to be an ongoing trend for Big Sean to take an old school melody and create some type of new school masterpiece. Last album it was "I Don't F*** With You" this album it's "Light" featuring the talented vocals of Jeremih. While those songs may receive the most appreciation, the controversy comes mainly when talking about his highly critical song "No Favors" featuring the legend himself, Eminem. Eminem comes in with a fanatical rhyme pattern very similar to his antics used in "Run Rabbit Run" or "Lose Yourself". However, many listeners are seemingly favoring the schematics and lyrical delivery from Big Sean. Who has your favorite verse? Overall, the album is a winner in my book. While often overshadowed by other artist whom drop crazy projects, it's pretty clear who is winning right now. These are what hip hop albums are all about, being able to dissect good songs, have fun and point out multiple aspects, creating a never ending dialog about music. Big Sean definitely gets a high ranking from me for this album. This is an exciting start to 2017, thank you, Big Sean.

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