The Last Supper (1592-1594)

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One of my favorite art pieces of all time is The Last Supper. This is not the traditional painting of The Last Supper many people recognize from the infamous Leonardo Da Vinci. This piece of work was painted by Jacopo Tintoretto. I was first introduced to this masterpiece in 2012 by my professor Dr. Laura Crary. This painting was the iconic moment in my art career that just motored me into becoming serious about the work I was producing. This painting has so many elements that captivated me as a person whether is was mentally or emotionally. Before breaking down this painting, there are some things that stood out to me in the process of learning every part of this painting.

“Tintoretto’s studio was authorized to produce several large canvasses for the newly finished San Giorgo Maggiore church in Venice. The old master would have left most of the work in the hands of his assistants, but it is certain that he made three of the canvasses himself. This Last Supper is one of them.” – Art Bible

One of the things that stands out to me is how Tintoretto managed to create a special atmosphere. He does something many artist dream about doing artistically which is his ability to create two light sources. Within these light sources he is able to infuse darker colors and transparent pigments to help amplify the hovering angels. What stands out even more are the facial expressions Tintoretto is able to add to each person and angel. The angels add a supernatural touch to the painting but do not take away from the overall theme.

Another thing that stood out was the fact that all disciples in this painting have a halo, except Jude – he’s kneeling at the far side of the table. This is one of the beautiful actions that take place and change the emotion of the whole painting. The lines of the table, the pattern on the floor and the wood in the ceiling create a linear perspective which gives it the “Da Vinci-esque” feel.

I just love how powerful this painting is with the strong colors and contrast and rich emotions. I also love the change in scenery with emotions and actions making the Last Supper seem more of a “natural” event than like a staged event. This painting is just phenomenal.

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