EXPLAINED: "Sweet Like Honey No. 1"

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Sweet Like Honey No. 1The Sweet Like Honey Series is inspired by someone dear to me. Amazing is one of the few words that can describe her pretty perfectly. When you think about the lips you kiss on a person, they mean so much to you. These are the lips that make living with that person so wonderful. She is one of the nicest individuals I know and her uncanny ability to bring smiles to so many faces is astonishing. There's nothing like the sweet taste of love after you love on that special person in your life. There are more to this series that have yet to be revealed. The second and third versions are sitting in their homes respectively internationally and as this receives more attention, the value will only go up. The seduction of lips and the sweetness of natural honey was an excellent combination to describe the rush of feelings I get when I kiss mine. There is a short poem that goes with this piece.

Sweet as the sprinkles from heaven
Blessed with the love of someone special

That moment when God seems to bless you
He adds a little bit of "perfect" to the mixture, I'm just waiting on his confession

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