EXPLAINED: "Political Chaos"

Art PolkTheArtist Originals

My painting entitled "Political Chaos" is finally being explained. The many images that embrace the left side of this canvas are all pictures from various news articles. You have articles from the NY Times, The Wall Street Journal, AJC and many others. Stained over the top of these images from world news are events that we have faced, are faintly the words Peace, Home, Security. All of these events set and rest in a dark place which is protected by a man in a suit. This man represents the government officials in suits and not necessarily the "boots on the ground" as so many call our soldiers. This man is standing in front of the American flag in which covers all of these things in this dark place.

Then we come to this little boy. This little boy represents the people that carry around knowledge and don't quite know where to store it. He represents the group of individuals that have all faith in the government and entrusts in their power. He also knows the government is a master at hiding things.

When we look at America what do we truly see? Do we see the lies and secrets that are now coming to the light? Do we see the peace that America is seeking to bring to the world? Do we see the security of a nation failing? Do we see the concept of a home fading as well? What is America, is it truly a democracy?

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